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(Version française après celle en Anglais)

We need your VOTES to elect the first truly “Independent” Director to represent the Embarc membership in the Club's history: KONRAD KAWALEC.

Why is it critical that you vote in the Embarc election?

  • This year is a member’s vote only. In 2016, the members voted in majority for Konrad but DRI got their choice in because of their 15:1 voting power at that moment;

  • The declarant (Diamond Resorts International) CANNOT use their unsold points to vote on this position;

  • In the governing documents, under the bylaws, it states that WE MUST achieve quorum which is 15% of the members voting power for the election to be valid.

KONRAD KAWALEC is the preferred and recommended candidate of the CI Owners Group (CIOG) for Independent Director. Konrad has proven his advocacy for members by his involvement on the CI Owners Group and is an active representative on the Volunteer Coordinating Committee (VCC). Konrad was instrumental with a group of dedicated volunteers who researched, identified and recommended the engagement of Geldert Law for legal work on behalf of the CIOG. He is committed to open & transparent operations of our Club. Konrad's bio, can be found on the owner’s website at

On May 4/17, Embarc Resorts sent instructions and a passcode to members for the election for the Independent Director position on the Board of Directors.

You can cast your votes by logging into the site with your User ID and passcode provided in the May 4/17 message.

If you encounter any difficulty, or if you need instructions and the passcode sent to you again, contact Embarc at 1-800-767-2166. Don’t miss your right and duty to vote.

Your votes are critical!

If KONRAD KAWALEC wins, we all win!