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Ballots are in your inbox! Vote for Jonathan Mayer for the Embarc Board!

Updated: May 4, 2021

For those who may be unaware, Embarc's declarant points (the "voter" name for the developer, Diamond Resorts) have 15 times the voting power of individual member points.

In order to have any chance of getting our candidate on the board, instead of voting for 2 persons, members must concentrate their votes on 1 person (our candidate).

Based on the last numbers we have available (Embarc email with April 12th numbers) :

- Points held by the Declarant were 223,741 (each point is worth one vote)

- Points held by members were 4,239,107(vote value is divided by 15 - approximately)

- Voting power of all individual members is approximately 282,607

This means that although Diamond owns only (about) 5% of the points, their 15 times voting power gives them over 75% of the total voting power which is enough to always get their candidates elected. One declarant vote gives each of their candidates 223,741 votes.

We must put ALL member votes (x 2 because there are 2 positions) on only one candidate to potentially place him on the board. If all members voted and also voted for Jonathan, he would have ~ 565,200 vs the 223,741 of their candidate's votes and win. That is but wishful thinking however... Persevering and making our block's votes as dominant as possible are the goal if we cannot elect another board member this time around. It sends a message that we are to be taken into account and must not be ignored.

As it is, because many members do not vote, we are counting on those who do, to do so strategically, and place their total allotment on Jonathan. Below is a "tutorial" explaining how to submit your vote.

Note that if you have already submitted it and want to do a correction, you may go back into the voting page and do your correction right up until the deadline (May 31).