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Vote for Jonathan Mayer to increase our representation on the Embarc Board!

Members need another voice on the Board. Although the likelihood of another member from our group getting elected is slim, (this is an election where DRI casts their votes for each of the two positions), we must nonetheless make a concerted effort to get more member representation on the Board and therefore Dr. Jonathan Mayer is submitting his candidacy to represent Embarc members.

Based on the last numbers we have available (2019 Points Audit) :

- Points held by the Declarant were 144,339 (each point is worth one vote)

- Points held by members were 4,318,509 (vote value is divided by 15 - approximately)

- Voting power of all individual members is approximately 287,900

This means that although Embarc owns only (about) 3% of the points, their 15 times voting power gives them over 33% of the total voting power which is enough to always get their candidates elected. If members voted in larger numbers, we would be able to get more members on the board to eventually replace some of the three Diamond Resorts employees that are always directors, year after year due to Diamond's voting power.

This gives them a lock on any election (except that for the independent Director, Chantal Desjardins, which took place last year) as many members never vote - before the existence of this group, we often had issues reaching quorum (15%) – if all members voted, we could statistically outvote DRI even though the vote balance is incredibly unfair. This is also why we are asking members to vote for only 1 person. DRI will have to split their votes between their 2 candidates. If we all vote for 1 person, we have better chances of getting our person in.

We therefore need, at least half of the member points attributed to our candidate X 2 - no vote splitting - instead of voting for 2 persons, members must concentrate their votes on 1 person (our candidate).

Please spread the word and speak with fellow members who may be unaware of the voting imbalance and encourage them to vote and to place ALL their votes on Jonathan Mayer in May 2021!

More information about the election is available on our website on the "Elections" tab, including Jonathan's Bio and the dates of importance for the election.

Important Dates for 2021 Election

Monday, March 1 - the date we received the email with the link to the nomination form & asking for members to submit their candidacy for the director positions. Rules for the bios are in this email. . Monday, March 15 - nominations close (the candidates send their own bios to Embarc) Monday, April 12, 5pm PST - record date for eligibility for voters (date at which DRI establishes who can or cannot vote) ​Monday, May 3, 2021 start of the election - ballots received by email - Voting starts Friday, May 7 - TBC - Board meeting giving voting statistics - how many members will have the right to vote, how many points they own, how many points the declarant owns (declarant has 15X the voting power of members per point) Monday, May 31, 2021 - last day to vote - Final date to vote Week of June 7, 2021 - announce results of election

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