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By Chantal Desjardins

posted May 14, 2016



In my opinion, TUG, "The Timeshare Users Group" is a fantastic resource for any timeshare owner. I strongly encourage our members to become a member there ($15/yr) and read their excellent articles. Their forums have many experienced timeshare owners who have bought, sold and rented timeshares for years. If you need advice, this is one of the best places to get it.




1- For anyone wanting to sell their timeshare there is some very valuable free information on TUG (, right on their home page. Directly underneath is an article on how to buy resale. They also have a section in the forum itself to discuss selling without being scammed:


2- There are reputable timeshare transfer companies that take care of managing an escrow account and the paperwork for buyers and sellers for a very reasonable fee. The timeshare company itself NEVER does that. In a resale situation, it is the seller or the buyer that has to make all the arrangements. I suggest you go to Timeshare Users Group ( and check it out with a search. There are some named in the forums that are regularly used by the members, many of whom buy and resell timeshares regularly. And yes, even DRI's.



3- This thread on TUG's BBS gives the details of a reputable transfer company:


There are others mentioned in different posts on the TUG BBS that can be found by doing a search. Or just ask in the forum! If you want to sell your timeshare, it is possible, but the timeshare company itself will not do much more for you than give you the blank forms and tell you how much their transfer fees are (and not necessarily quickly). You have to do the rest. This is why there are companies that specialize in doing the the work for you.


Take the time to do some reading on TUG ( to find out what your options are. Same goes for someone buying any timeshare "resale".




For advice on renting a timeshare:





TUG has a classified ad section with Timeshare listings (rental and for sale):


For "deals" on  a timeshare "resale" go here (Bargain deals thread):

Where to Get Advice on Selling, Renting or Buying Resale

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