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A New Website for Our Group!

Welcome to the new group website. This site is meant to facilitate communication with those members who do not have a Facebook account as well as those who do, but feel more comfortable with using a conventional web site to obtain information. Our goal is to help all members understand the recent change related to the new management company and any concerns or issues as they arise.

You'll find copies of financial statements, the Club instruments (rules/bylaws), templates of letters to send to the Board of Directors and Member Services and more. We'll try to keep you updated regularly, and hopefully, this site will be useful to all members. For our first blog post, we will be posting our "Cheat Sheet" which explains the situation in plain language.

We hope to use the talents of other members to do future postings and updates. Members are welcome to comment!

If you do use Facebook, you'll find our very active member group at:


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