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Use this template to prepare your email to the Board of Directors. The message to be used is below the form, please copy then paste it into the message box on the form.

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To the Club Intrawest Board of Directors,


It could be interpreted as a form of voter suppression that the only process DRI has made available for submitting a proxy is so difficult as to prevent many members from submitting their proxy. Not all members have ready access to a printer, or are able (know how) to scan and return a copy of their proxy by email. This process must be made available in electronic or phone format since we know this possible as it was just recently used for the vote for the Board of Directors election.


From the SEC website (, 


"Typically, a company will allow you to vote in one or more of the following ways:

  • By phone, most companies provide a telephone number in the proxy materials through which you can vote. You will be prompted to vote using the control number provided in your materials.

  • Over the Internet, if the company has provided that option. The materials will provide a website and control number for you to use to vote."


It is possible to submit our proxy in a much more convenient and effective manner which respects member rights. The Board of Directors must move immediately to make the submission process available by using a website or by phone and  using a control number  since as members of the Board they must protect members' best interests. It is their duty to make this process easily accessible for all.

Also, the Special General Meeting should be accessible to ALL members through a dial-in process. Please ensure that this is made available for any member unable to attend in person,  just as the Annual General Meeting has been made to be.  We also request that you advise the membership that only a photo id with address is required to attend the meeting, as the bylaws indicate that the membership list will be on site. This is standard protocol.

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