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Remember that our Facebook Group is not Member Services. The only place members can obtain the facts is Member Services. As well, Embarc salesmen are not an accurate source for facts (did we all forget that?). Other members? What they can help with is the interpretation of the facts. Through your help, we can obtain a better "FAQ" section on the Embarc Member Portal and also document the answers on our own member website.


Therefore, in order to get maximum impact, to oblige DRI to improve the information available on the member website and to help us build a database of Embarc responses to customer service issues for our own website, the below process for customer service issues/questions is suggested:

1 - Use our templates (copy/paste into the Contact Forms for the BoD and Member Services) to send your question to both Member Services and the BoD ( This will automatically send us a copy and allow us to document the answers (or lack of answers)

2- Start your request by saying: I have a question about my membership and look forward to an answer in the committed one business day turnaround and then say "here is my question: xxx". Ensure that it is a fact-based question that can be answered with facts.

3 - Resend the email if no answer within one business day. Keep doing this every day (or as often as you can!) until an answer is received.

4 - When the answer is received, if you don’t feel it is clear, keep asking for clarification and ask where this is stated in the club instruments or tables.

5 - If you are satisfied with the answer, request that they post the question and answer in the FAQ section of the member portal and send you a confirmation when this is done.

6 - Post in our FB group as a SUCCESS once the question is fully answered. Resist the temptation to post while it is unresolved (that will only initiate a large number of replies, many of which may be inaccurate, misleading or unproductive).

7- Until you have received your answer from Member Services, post each question/reply (or remark on the lack of reply) on the Embarc FB site until everything is solved and tell members to demand that the FAQ be updated. This will ensure that other members outside our group are aware that there are problems and that our group exists.

Yes, this is a lot of work, but it will absolutely help all other members that have the same questions and can be one of the ways that you contribute to the greater effort!

The Embarc Facebook urls are:

And if you have the time at: 

Should you wish to use them, suggested formats are posted for you below to facilitate the sending of the email/s (remember to use the contact forms and send to both the BoD and Member Services!) and the FB post/s on the Embarc FB site in order to inform members at large of the problem. They can be copy/pasted into the contact forms and then modified.

Suggested Formats for those wishing to use them

Customer Service Email Template (initial email):

I have a question about my membership and look forward to an answer in the committed one business day turnaround.

My question is concerning ___________________________________________________

Customer Service Email Template (subsequent emails):

On mm/dd/yy I sent a request about ________________________________. I still have not obtained an answer and would ask that I receive one immediately as you have not respected the committed one-business-day turnaround.

Customer Service Email Template (answer not clear email):

On mm/dd/yy I sent a request about ________________________________. I have received an answer which is unsatisfactory. Please tell me exactly where in the Club’s Instruments and Table this is stated? I wish to have my question answered according to facts which can be verified in official club documents.

Customer Service Email Template (answer accepted email):

Thank you for answering my question. Could you please ensure that this information is now made available on the Member Portal in the FAQ section? Thanks!

Embarc FB Post Template (initial posting):

Today I sent this question to Member Services: ______________________

I will report back here every day until I obtain an answer and once the answer is received, will post it here and urge all members to request that customer service answers all be posted in the Member FAQ on the Embarc Customer Portal.

I am a member of the FB group at: and of  and urge all Embarc members to join us.


Embarc FB Post Template (subsequent posting/s):


On mm/dd/yy I sent this question to Member Services: ______________________

I did not receive an acceptable answer within the promised one-day-turnaround and am very disappointed with the customer service on this issue.

I am a member of the FB group at: and of  and urge all Embarc members to join us.


CI-The Owners Group FB Post Template (for SUCCESS!):


On mm/dd I sent this question to Member Services: _________________________________________

I received this answer from Embarc on mm/dd: ____________________________________________

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