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Ever wonder who all of the Volunteers are that have been working behind the scenes to help members understand what we own and navigate through all the rules of our membership?  


To give members an idea of the structure we have been developing and now working in, the following will help to put into context the amazing membership and volunteers we have.

   CI Owners Group (CIOG)  ~ 4000 members
(That’s all of you Facebook followers and those members 
that have registered with the CIOG web site)                


CIOG Volunteer Coordinating Committee  (VCC)

                                        Patrick Cormier                   Montreal, Qc

                                        Chantal Desjardins              Montreal, Qc
Jonathan Mayer                  Ottawa, Ont     

                                        Michel Charron                   Gatineau, Qc

                                        Paul Faucher                       Ottawa, Ont


Other volunteers have, and continue to, generously provide of their time in many ways -  some by providing information in their area of expertise, others by answering questions on FB, searching for other members as a part of the outreach effort , researching documents.  

To all the CIOG volunteers - THANK YOU! Your contribution and help is greatly appreciated.

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