December 11, 2017

The Volunteer Coordinating Committee ("VCC") is an informal group of Embarc members seeking to advance the interests of all Embarc members. The following are current VCC members:

  • Mike Berthiaume

  • Michel Charron

  • Patrick Cormier

  • Chantal Desjardins

  • Paul Faucher

  • Konrad Kawalec (ex officio)

  • Jonathan Mayer

Please find below and in the next days, on behalf of the VCC, the Fall 2017 Update to Members. We split this Update in a few posts because there is a lot of content...

August 1, 2017

Where Do We Go From Here?

(version française)

Dear fellow Intrawest and Embarc owners,

I read, heard and felt the frustration and disillusion permeating your Facebook posts. The recent decision of the Federal Court of Appeal accelerated a rising awareness among members that we have been and continue to be, like it or not, stuck with a deeply unethical business model that Intrawest Corporation set in motion and that DRI magnified when it purchased Embarc interests. I decided to write this post when...

July 18, 2017

Re: Club Intrawest v. Canada, 2017 FCA 151

Our Club now owes millions of dollars to Canada Revenue Agency. A federal court of law has confirmed that members do not own any real estate interest nor any beneficial ownership in any of the Embarc resort properties. Finally, the court explicitly noted that Embarc Club failed to produce any evidence to the effect that Embarc resort properties had been vested in a trust for the benefit of members. Are you interested in such issues? If these issues matte...

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